Finding Pages with a Keyword

You can find pages that contain specific words using a keyword search.
  1. Tap and hold a word, and tap [Search] [in This Book] in the pop-up menu.

  1. A page that includes the keyword for which you searched is displayed.

Tap or to display to the previous/next page that contains the selected keyword.
To cancel, press the (Back) button.
  1. You can find the definition of a word and more at the Wikipedia and Google Web sites. Tap and hold a word tap [Search] [Wikipedia] or [Google]. The [Browser] application will open to the Wikipedia or Google Web site and search for the word. (A Wi-Fi network connection is necessary. See Details.) To return to the book, press the (Menu) button tap [Continue Reading].

You can also directly enter the keyword for a search.
  1. When viewing a book or periodical, press the (Menu) button tap [More] [Search], and enter the keyword using the on-screen keyboard.