Creating a Drawing

You can use the [Handwriting] application to create a drawing.
  1. Press the (Home) button tap [Applications] [Handwriting].

  1. Create a new drawing.

  1. Tap at the upper-right corner of the screen.

The canvas opens.
  1. Draw in the drawing area with the supplied stylus or your finger.

  1. Pencil tool

  1. Eraser tool

  1. Drawing area

To erase a line, tap tap or stroke a part of the line.
  1. Tap [Save].

  1. While writing, make sure that you are not touching another area on the screen. This could affect the notes that you write.

  1. To ensure that your notes are correctly saved, do not draw too close to the edge of the canvas.

  1. If you experience difficulties when drawing on the Reader:

  • avoid applying excessive pressure to the screen.

  • try not to draw too quickly.

  • this functionality is not designed for very detailed drawings or for writing small characters.

  • If you tap [New] while creating a drawing, the current drawing is saved, and a new canvas opens.

  • These drawings will be saved only in the internal memory.