Using Evernote

You can download notes from a dedicated Evernote Notebook and view them in ePub format on the Reader. You can also upload highlighted words, pictures and written notes to Evernote.
  • To upload highlighted words on a page, see Details.

  • To upload a picture, see Details.

  • To upload annotations for all books and periodicals, see Details.

  • To upload an address of a website, see Details.

  • You need to create an Evernote account in order to use Evernote. Refer to the Evernote website. Evernote account creation is also possible with the Reader when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

  • Notes created by Evernote Clearly™ and mainly text based notes are best viewed. Some notes may not be displayed correctly due to ePub conversion.

  • Any binary file(s) attached to an Evernote note will be excluded after ePub conversion.

  • An Evernote note of a picture size no larger than 1,200 × 1,600 pixels (width × height) will be displayed correctly.

  • Highlighted words may be uploaded up to 140 characters where a limitation is applied.