Supported File Types

The following files can be managed on the Reader software and transferred to the Reader device.
However, depending on the file size and format, it may not be possible to view/display/play some data.


  • EPUB files (.epub)

  • EPUB (OPS version 2.0) supported.

  • PDF files (.pdf)

  • Support is based on the PDF 1.6 specification.

  • Text files (.txt)


  • JPEG files (.jpg, .jpeg)

  • GIF files (.gif)

  • PNG files (.png)

  • BMP files (.bmp)

  • If the size of a picture that you transferred with the Reader software is too large, a thumbnail may not be created on the Reader and the picture may not be displayed in the [Pictures] content list. In this case, delete the picture via the Reader software.

  • For an animated GIF file, only the first frame will be shown.