Shooting still images while recording a movie (Dual Rec)

You can shoot still images while recording a movie. The camera keeps recording the movie even if you shoot still images.
Up to 10 still images can be shot during one movie recording.
  1. Press the MOVIE (Movie) button to start recording a movie.

  1. Press the shutter button.

A still image is recorded.
  • The number of recordable still images (A) appears on the screen when you press the shutter button halfway down.

  1. Press the MOVIE button to stop recording the movie.

After recording movies, the recorded still images are displayed in frames on the screen.
  • The sound of the shutter button operating may be recorded.

  • Flash is not available for shooting still images during movie recording.

  • The size of a still image that can be shot while recording a movie varies depending on the movie size. For details, see “Still Image Size(Dual Rec).”[Details]

  • When the Smile Shutter function is set to [On], the shutter releases automatically each time the camera detects a smiling face. You cannot switch [On] or [Off] for Smile Shutter during movie recording.

  • When the (Movie Mode) is set and the camera is on [Standby], you cannot use [Smile Shutter].

  • If the memory card capacity is insufficient or 10 images have been shot, appears on the screen. This icon indicates that no more still images can be shot.