Background Defocus

Allows you to shoot an image with image processing so that the background and the subject stands out.
  1. Set the mode switch to (Still Image).

  1. Turn the control wheel to select (Background Defocus). [Details]

  1. Shoot with the shutter button.

Tips for adjusting the intensity of the background defocus
  • Before shooting, select MENU [Defocus Effect] [High], [Mid] or [Low] to change the intensity of the background defocus effect.

Tips for defocusing the background

Position of the subject and the background

If you shoot an image with the subject and background far apart, as shown in the illustration, the background can be defocused. Shoot from the recommended shooting distance indicated on the screen.
Subject is sufficiently removed from the background
Subject and background are too close

Zoom scale and position of the subject

When you shoot a flower and a small item from close up, turn the W/T (zoom) lever to the W side. For shooting people, move a short distance away from the subject and turn the W/T (zoom) lever to the T side.
  • To lock the focus on the subject more easily, use the Tracking focus function of the camera. [Details]

  • When shooting, hold the camera still to reduce camera shake.

  • If you are unable to defocus effectively, try the following steps:

  • Turn the W/T (zoom) lever to the T side.

  • Approach the subject until you are within the recommended shooting distance.

  • Separate the subject and the background.

  • Shoot after focusing on the subject.

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