You can adjust the focus manually. You can select this function also when you want to focus on a certain subject intentionally.
  1. [Camera/Mic] [Manual Settings] [Focus].

  1. Select the desired item.

The focus is adjusted automatically.

Adjust the focus using (nearby subject) or (distant subject).
appears when the focus cannot be adjusted any closer, and appears when the focus cannot be adjusted farther away.

To adjust the focus

It is easier to focus on the subject by moving the power zoom lever towards T (telephoto) to adjust the focus, then towards W (wide angle) to adjust the zoom for recording. When you want to record a subject at close range, move the power zoom lever to W (wide angle), then adjust the focus.

On focal distance information

Your camcorder displays the focal distance information for a few seconds when the focus mode is switched from automatic to manual or when you set the focus manually. You can use this information as a guide when the subject is dark and focus adjustment is difficult.
  • When you set [Focus] to [Manual], appears.

  • The minimum possible distance between camcorder and subject while maintaining sharp focus is about 1 cm (about 13/32 in.) for wide angle and about 80 cm (about 31 1/2 in.) for telephoto.