Digital Zoom

You can select the maximum zoom level. Note that the image quality decreases when you use the digital zoom.
  1. [Camera/Mic] [Camera Settings] [Digital Zoom].

  1. Select the desired item.

Digital zoom cannot be used.

HDR-CX320/ CX320E/ CX380/ CX380E/ CX390E/ PJ320E/ PJ380/ PJ380E/ PJ390E:
Up to 350 zoom is performed digitally.

HDR-CX220/ CX220E/ CX230/ CX230E/ CX280/ CX280E/ CX290/ CX290E/ PJ220/ PJ220E/ PJ230/ PJ230E:
Up to 320 zoom is performed digitally.
A: The zooming zone appears when you select [350]/[320].