1. [Edit/Copy] [Delete].

  1. Select the desired setting ([Multiple Images] or [All In Event]).

Multiple Images
Select the type of image you want to delete, add check marks to the desired images, and then select .

All In Event
You can delete all images in the selected date at one time.
Select the date you want to delete using / , and then select .

To delete a part of a movie

You can divide a movie and delete it.
  • You cannot restore images once they are deleted. Save important movies and photos in advance.

  • Do not remove the battery pack or the AC Adaptor (models with an AC Adaptor) from your camcorder while deleting the images. It may damage the recording media.

  • Do not eject the memory card while deleting images from the memory card.

  • If you delete movies/photos that are included in saved scenarios, the scenarios will also be deleted.

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