You can copy images stored on the recording media of the camcorder. The original copy of the image will not be deleted after the copy operation has been completed.
  • Models with internal memory
    After you select [Copy], a display asking you to select the source and the destination for the images to be copied appears. Select the desired item.

  1. [Edit/Copy] [Copy].

  1. Select the desired setting ([Multiple Images] or [All In Event]).

Multiple Images
Select the type of image you want to copy, add check marks to the desired images, and then select .

  • You can select multiple images.

All In Event
You can copy all images in the selected date at one time. Select the type of image you want to copy, select the date you want to copy using / , and then select .
  • You cannot select multiple dates.

  • When you record an image on the memory card for the first time, create the image database file by selecting [Setup] [Media Settings] [Repair Img. DB F.] [Memory Card].

  • You should connect your camcorder to the wall outlet (wall socket) using the AC Adaptor to prevent your camcorder from running out of power during copy (models with an AC Adaptor).

  • You cannot copy images stored on the memory card to the internal memory of the camcorder (models without a USB input function).

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