Formatting deletes all the movies and photos to recover recordable free space.
  1. [Setup] [Media Settings] [Format].

  1. Select the recording medium that you want to format, and then select .

  • You should connect your camcorder to the wall outlet (wall socket) using the AC Adaptor for this operation (models with an AC Adaptor). [Details]

  • To avoid the loss of important images, you should save them before formatting the recording media.

  • Protected movies and photos will also be deleted.

  • Make sure not to do the following while [Executing...] is displayed.

  • Open/Close the LCD screen.

  • Operate buttons on the camcorder.

  • Eject the memory card from your camcorder.

  • Disconnect the AC Adaptor (models with an AC Adaptor).

To prevent data on the internal memory from being recovered (Models with internal memory and an AC Adaptor)

When you dispose of or transfer the camcorder, it is recommended that you perform [Empty] to prevent the leakage of your personal data.
When the internal memory is selected on the [Format] screen, select [Empty].
  • You cannot perform [Empty] unless you connect the AC Adaptor to the wall outlet (wall socket).

  • To avoid the loss of important images, they should be saved on a computer or other devices before performing [Empty].

  • Disconnect all cables except the AC Adaptor. Do not disconnect the AC Adaptor during the operation.

  • If you stop performing [Empty] while [Executing...] appears, be sure to complete the operation by performing [Format] or [Empty] when you use the camcorder next time.

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