Demo Mode

When the camcorder is connected to a wall outlet (wall socket) (models with an AC Adaptor) and no operation is attempted within a certain period with the movie recording mode or the Event View mode set, a demonstration movie starts playing.
  1. [Setup] [General Settings] [Demo Mode].

  1. Select the desired item.

Make the settings for playback of the demonstration movie.

The demonstration does not appear.

  • In the default setting, the demonstration movie is in the Event View. If you delete the demonstration movie, you cannot recover it (HDR-PJ230/ PJ230E/ PJ380/ PJ380E/ PJ390E).

  • A movie you have recorded will be registered as the demonstration movie if it satisfies all of the following conditions.

  • The movie is protected.

  • The movie is the one that was recorded first.

  • The movie is saved on the internal memory (models with internal memory).

  • The movie is recorded with high definition image quality (HD).

  • When you operate your camcorder, the demonstration playback will be suspended.

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