Beauty Effect

Allows you to apply the Beauty Effect to retouch the still image of a person and make it look better, for example, retouching for smoother skin, larger eyes, and whiter teeth.
You can set the effects from level 1 to 5. An image on which the Beauty Effect is used is saved as a new file. The original image is retained as is.
  1. Set the camera to playback mode.

  1. MENU (Beauty Effect) on the control button.

  1. Select a face you want to use the Beauty Effect for.

  1. Select the desired effect and perform retouching according to the operation method in each mode.

(Skin Toning)
Retouch the image to change the skin color to the desired effect.
Select the desired base skin color using /and press .
Increase or decrease the color using /.
(Skin Smoothing)
Retouch the image to remove age spots and wrinkles from the skin.
Increase or decrease the effect using /.
(Shine Removal)
Retouch the image to suppress the oily skin look.
Increase or decrease the effect using /.
(Eye Widening)
Retouch the image to enlarge the eyes.
Increase or decrease the effect using /.
(Teeth Whitening)
Retouch the image to whiten the teeth. You may not be able to whiten teeth for some images.
Increase or decrease teeth whiteness using /.

  • You cannot use [Beauty Effect] for the following images:

  • Panoramic images

  • Movies

  • You cannot use the Beauty Effect on an extremely small facial image.

  • To use the Beauty Effect on two or more faces, select the same image again after the effect has been applied once and then use the effect on another face.

  • The Beauty Effect may not work properly for some images.