Retouches a recorded image and saves it as a new file. The original image is retained.
  1. Set the camera to playback mode.

  1. MENU (Retouch) desired mode on the control button

  1. Perform retouching according to the operation method in each mode.

(Trimming (Resize))
Records a zoomed playback image.
Move the lever to the T side to zoom in, to the W side to zoom out.
Set the zoom point with the control button.
MENU select an image size to save
  • The quality of trimmed images may deteriorate.

  • The image size that you can trim may vary depending on the image.

(Unsharp masking)
Sharpens the image within a chosen frame.
Select the area (frame) of the desired image to retouch with the control button MENU.
  • Depending on the image, sufficient correction may not be applied and the image quality may deteriorate.

  • You cannot retouch the panoramic images or movies.