Turning the power on, and setting the date and time

Set the date and time, and adjust the lens with [Auto 3D Lens Adjust] to record optimum 3-dimensional movies.

  1. Open the LCD screen of your camcorder and turn the power on.

  • You can also turn on the camcorder by pressing POWER.

  1. Select the desired language, then select [Next].

Touch the button on the LCD screen.
  1. Select the desired geographical area with /, then select [Next].

  1. Set [Summer Time], select the date format and the date and time.

  • If you set [Summer Time] to [On], the clock advances 1 hour.

  • When you select the date and time, select one of the items and adjust the value with /.

  • When you select , the date and time setting operation is complete.

  1. Confirm the notice on continuous use of your camcorder.

  1. Select [Run] and display a subject on the LCD screen.

  • If you select [Run Later], the [Auto 3D Lens Adjust] screen will appear when you turn on the camcorder next time.

  1. When the scale of the indicator exceeds the mark, select [OK].

  • The camcorder automatically zooms in or out to adjust the lenses.

A: Indicator
  • If you feel uncomfortable viewing the image in 3D, press 2D/3D DISP and check the image in 2D.

  • If [Could not adjust.] appears, touch [Run Again].

  • If the 2D/3D switch is set to 2D, the [Auto 3D Lens Adjust] screen does not appear.

Tips on using [Auto 3D Lens Adjust]

Referring to the following examples, display a subject that will indicate a higher scale on the LCD monitor.
Subjects that indicate a higher scale:
  • Bright subjects, such as objects outdoors in daylight

  • Subjects with various colors and shapes

Subjects that indicate a lower scale and result in adjustment failure:
  • Dark subjects, such as objects viewed at night

  • Subjects within 1.5 m (4 feet 11 1/8 inches) away from the camcorder

  • Plain, non-colorful subjects

  • Subjects that repeat the same pattern, such as rows of windows on buildings

  • Moving subjects

To change the language setting

You can change the on-screen displays to show messages in a specified language.
Select [Setup] [General Settings] [Language Setting] a desired language.

To turn off the power

Close the LCD screen or press the POWER button.

To adjust the angle of the LCD screen

First open the LCD panel 90 degrees to the camcorder (), and then adjust the angle ().
  • Face directly towards the LCD screen from about 30 cm (11 7/8 in.) away from the screen to watch 3D movies with optimum sense of depth.

  • The recording date, time and condition, and coordinates (HDR-TD30VE) are recorded automatically on the recording media. They are not displayed during recording. However, you can check them as [Data Code] during playback. To display them, select [Setup] [Playback Settings] [Data Code] [Date/Time].

  • Once the clock is set, the clock time is automatically adjusted with [Auto Clock ADJ ] and [Auto Area ADJ] set to [On]. The clock may not be adjusted to the correct time automatically, depending on the country/region selected for your camcorder. In this case, set [Auto Clock ADJ ] and [Auto Area ADJ] to [Off] (HDR-TD30VE).

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