Screen indicators during recording

Described here are icons for both movie recording (3D/2D)and photo recording (2D) modes.

  1. Zoom button (W: Wide/T: Telephoto), START/STOP button (in movie recording mode), PHOTO button (in photo recording mode)

  1. MENU button

  1. Status detected by Intelligent Auto

  1. Recording status ([STBY]/[REC])

  1. AE/AF (automatic exposure/automatic focus) lock

  1. 2D/3D recording mode

  1. GPS triangulating status (HDR-TD30VE)

  1. Tracking focus

  1. Zoom, Remaining battery

  1. Counter (hour: minute: second), Capturing a photo, Recording/playback/editing media

  1. Tracking focus cancel button

  1. Intelligent Auto button

  1. Audio mode, Audio Level Display

  1. Approximate number of recordable photos, Aspect ratio (16:9 or 4:3), and photo size (L/M/S)

  1. Estimated recording remaining time, Recording image quality (HD/STD), Frame rate (50p/50i/25p) and recording mode (PS/FX/FH/HQ/LP)

  1. View Images button

  1. My button (you can assign your favorite functions to icons displayed in this area)