Intelligent Auto

Your camcorder records movies after selecting the most suitable setting for the subjects or the situation automatically. ([On] is the default setting.) When the camcorder detects a subject, the icons that correspond to the detected conditions are displayed.
  1. Select [On] at the right bottom of the recording screen of movies or photos.

Face detection:
The camcorder detects faces, and adjusts the focus, color and exposure.
(Portrait), (Baby)

Scene detection:
The camcorder selects the most effective setting automatically, depending on the scene.
(Backlight), (Landscape), (Night Scene), (Spotlight), (Low light), (Macro)

Camera-shake detection:
The camcorder detects whether camera-shake occurs or not, and makes the optimum compensation.
(Walk), (Tripod)

Sound detection:
The camcorder detects and suppresses the wind noise so that the voice of a person or the surrounding sound can be recorded clearly.
, (Auto Wind NR)

To cancel the Intelligent Auto function, select [Off] on the recording screen.

To record images brighter than that of when using the Intelligent Auto function

Select [Camera/Mic] [Manual Settings] [Low Lux].
  • The frames on the faces do not appear during 3D recording.

  • The camcorder may not detect the expected scene or subject, depending on the recording conditions.