Installing the “PlayMemories Home” software in your computer

  1. Access the following download site using an Internet browser on your computer, then click [Install] [Run].

  1. Install according to the on-screen instructions.

  • When the on-screen instructions prompting you to connect the camcorder to a computer appear, connect the camcorder to your computer with the Built-in USB cable.

  • When the installation completes, “PlayMemories Home” starts up.

Notes on installation

  • If the “PlayMemories Home” software is already installed on your computer, connect the camcorder to your computer. Functions that can be used with this camcorder will then be available.

  • If the “PMB (Picture Motion Browser)” software is installed on your computer, it will be overwritten by the “PlayMemories Home” software. In this case, you cannot use some functions that were available with “PMB” with this “PlayMemories Home” software.

  • When you access the camcorder from the computer, use the “PlayMemories Home” software. Operation is not guaranteed if you operate the data using software other than the “PlayMemories Home” software or you directly manipulate files and the folders from a computer.

  • Images cannot be saved to some discs depending on the recording mode. Movies recorded in [3D], [50p Quality ] or [Highest Quality ] mode can only be saved to a Blu-ray disc.

  • The camcorder automatically divides an image file that exceeds 2 GB and saves the parts as separate files. All image files may be shown as separate files on a computer, however, the files will be handled properly by the import function and the playback function of the camcorder or the “PlayMemories Home” software.