The devices on which the created disc can be played back

Blu-ray discs

Blu-ray disc player such as a Sony Blu-ray disc player or PlayStation®3

DVD disc with high definition image quality (HD)

AVCHD format playback devices, such as a Sony Blu-ray disc player or a PlayStation®3
  • The AVCHD recording disc can be played back only on AVCHD format compatible devices.

  • Discs with high definition image quality (HD) images recorded should not be used in DVD players/recorders. Because DVD players/recorders are not compatible with the AVCHD format, DVD players/recorders may fail to eject the disc.

  • Always keep your PlayStation®3 upgraded to the latest version of its system software. The PlayStation®3 may not be available in some countries/regions.

To create a Blu-ray disc

You can create a Blu-ray disc with a high definition image quality (HD) movie previously imported to a computer.
To create a Blu-ray disc, the “BD Add-on Software” must be installed.
  • Your computer must support the creation of Blu-ray discs.

  • BD-R (unrewritable) and BD-RE (rewritable) media are available for creating Blu-ray discs. You cannot add contents to either type of disc after creating the disc.

  • To play back a Blu-ray disc that has been created with a movie that was recorded in [3D] or [50p Quality ] image quality, you need a device that complies with the AVCHD Ver. 2.0 format.