Playing back images in the external media device on the camcorder

  • For this operation, you need the USB Adaptor Cable VMC-UAM1 (sold separately).

  • Connect the AC Adaptor and the power cord (mains lead) to the DC IN jack of your camcorder and the wall outlet (wall socket).

  • Refer to the instruction manual supplied with the external media device.

  1. Connect your camcorder and the external media device using the USB Adaptor Cable (sold separately).

A: USB Adaptor Cable VMC-UAM1 (sold separately)
  1. Select [Play without copying.] and select the image you want to view.

  • You can also view images on a TV connected to your camcorder.

  • When an external media device is connected, will appear on the Event View screen.

To play back high definition image quality (HD) movies on your computer

On the “PlayMemories Home” software, select the drive that represents the external media device connected, and then play movies.