3D Depth Adjustment (3D only)

You can adjust the sense of depth when you record 3D movies.
  1. [Camera/Mic] [Camera Settings] [3D Depth Adjustment].

  1. Select the desired item.

The depth is automatically adjusted.

Adjust the depth using to move the image into the foreground, and to move it further into the background.

Tips for [3D Depth Adjustment]

In the default setting, the camcorder detects the relative position between a subject and its background during recording, and automatically adjusts the parallax effect accordingly, so that you will feel comfortable when watching 3-dimensional movies.

The camcorder detects the relative position.
The camcorder adjusts the parallax effect.
A: Comfortable sense of depth
B: Monitor
  • Since the parallax is adjusted automatically, the 3D movies may seem to be shaking from side to side when played in 2D. To prevent the shaking, adjust the depth manually before recording.