Auto 3D Lens Adjust (3D only)

You can correct the vertical position of the right and left movies automatically to record optimum 3D movies.
  1. [Camera/Mic] [Manual Settings] [Auto 3D Lens Adjust].

  1. Display a subject on the LCD screen.

A: Indicator
  1. When the scale of the indicator exceeds the mark, select [OK].

  • The camcorder automatically zooms in or out to adjust the lenses.

Tips on using [Auto 3D Lens Adjust]

Referring to the following examples, display a subject that will indicate a higher scale on the LCD monitor.
Subjects that indicate a higher scale:
  • Bright subjects, such as objects outdoors in daylight

  • Subjects with various colors and shapes

Subjects that indicate a lower scale and result in adjustment failure:
  • Dark subjects, such as objects viewed at night

  • Subjects within 1.5 m (4 ft. 11 1/8 in.) away from the camcorder

  • Plain, non-colorful subjects

  • Subjects that repeat the same pattern, such as rows of windows on buildings

  • Moving subjects

  • Use [Auto 3D Lens Adjust] in the following cases.

  • When you feel that the 3D movies do not look the way you want them to

  • When you have not adjusted the 3D lenses for a while

  • When a strong mechanical shock has been applied to the camcorder

  • When using the camcorder in a very hot or cold place