Scene Selection (2D only)

You can record images effectively in various situations.
  1. [Camera/Mic] [Camera Settings] [Scene Selection].

  1. Select the desired item.

Records images in average image quality without the [Scene Selection] function.

(Night Scene)*1
Maintains the darkening atmosphere of the distant surroundings in night scenes.

(Night Portrait)
Enables to take photos of people and background using a flash.

Reproduces the atmosphere of scenes such as sunsets or sunrises.

Takes spectacular shots of fireworks.

Shoots distant subjects clearly. This setting also prevents your camcorder from focusing on glass or metal mesh in windows between the camcorder and the subject.

Brings out the subject such as people or flowers while creating a soft background.

Prevents people’s faces from appearing excessively white when subjects are lit by strong light.

Takes the vivid blue of the ocean or a lake.

Takes bright pictures of a white landscape.

*1 Adjusted to focus on subjects farther away only.
*2 Adjusted not to focus on subjects a short distance away.
  • Even if you set [Night Portrait], the setting changes to [Auto] when the (Movie) lamp is lit.

  • If you set [Scene Selection], the [White Balance] setting is canceled.