Frame Rate (2D only)

You can select the frame rate to be used to record high definition image quality (HD) movies. Using [50i] is recommended for standard recording. Set [Frame Rate] first, before setting [REC Mode].
  1. [Image Quality/Size] [Frame Rate].

  1. Select the desired frame rate.

For ordinary recording, this frame rate is recommended.

You can record movies with a volume of data twice that of 50i with this setting, and this will allow you to enjoy clear images. When you play a movie recorded with this setting on a TV, the TV must be compatible with 50p movie playback and you have to set [HDMI Resolution] to [1080p/576p]. If the TV is not compatible with 50p movie playback, the movie will be output as a 50i movie.

You can record movies which provide an atmosphere closer to that of film images with this setting. It is recommended that you record movies with this setting using a tripod.

  • The media that the recorded images can be saved on will depend on the recording mode that has been set during recording.

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