1. [Edit/Copy] [Delete].

  1. Select the desired setting ([Multiple Images] or [All In Event]).

Multiple Images
Add check marks to the desired images, and then select .
  • To delete 2D movies, select the type of image.

All In Event
You can delete all images in the selected date at one time.
Select the date you want to delete using /, and then select .

To delete a part of a movie

You can divide a movie and delete it.
  • You cannot restore images once they are deleted. Save important movies and photos in advance.

  • Do not remove the battery pack or the AC Adaptor from your camcorder while deleting the images. It may damage the recording media.

  • Do not eject the memory card while deleting images from the memory card.

  • If you delete movies/photos that are included in saved scenarios, the scenarios will also be deleted.

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