Location and function of parts

Functions of buttons, indicators, and other parts on your wireless speaker system are explained here.

  1. N mark [Details]

  1. MIC (microphone)

  1. button

Controls various call functions.
  1.  (BLUETOOTH) indicator (blue)

Indicates the BLUETOOTH connection status of the system.
  1. BATT/CHG (battery/charge) indicator (orange)

Indicates the charging status, etc. of the system.
  1. VOL (volume) +/– buttons

The + button has a tactile dot for ease of use.
  1. NFC OFF [Details]/POWER-PAIRING switch [Details]

This switch activates pairing, and enables or disables the one touch connection function.
  1. RESET button [Details]

Press the button with a pointing object, such as a pin, to reset the system.
  1. Jack cover

  1. AUDIO IN jack [Details]

Connect a music player, etc. to this jack by using a connecting cord (not supplied). Make sure that you insert the plug of the music player firmly. Otherwise, you may not hear the sound normally.
  1. Micro-USB port [Details]

Connect a computer, etc. to this port with the supplied micro-USB cable to charge the system.