What is BLUETOOTH wireless technology?

BLUETOOTH wireless technology is a short-range wireless technology that enables wireless data communication between digital devices, such as a computer and digital camera. BLUETOOTH wireless technology operates within a range of about 10 m.
Connecting two devices as necessary is common, but some devices can be connected to multiple devices at the same time.
You do not need to use a cable for connection, nor is it necessary for the devices to face one another, such is the case with infrared technology. For example, you can use such a device in a bag or pocket.
BLUETOOTH standard is an international standard supported by thousands of companies all over the world, and employed by various companies worldwide.

Maximum communication range

Maximum communication range may shorten under the following conditions.
  • There is an obstacle such as a person, metal, or wall between the system and BLUETOOTH device.

  • A wireless LAN device is in use near the system.

  • A microwave oven is in use near the system.

  • A device that generates electromagnetic radiation is in use near the system.

Interference from other devices

Because BLUETOOTH devices and wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g) use the same frequency, microwave interference may occur and resulting in communication speed deterioration, noise, or invalid connection if the system is used near a wireless LAN device. In such a case, perform the following.
  • Use the system at least 10 m away from the wireless LAN device.

  • If the system is used within 10 m of a wireless LAN device, turn off the wireless LAN device.

Interference to other devices

Microwaves emitting from a BLUETOOTH device may affect the operation of electronic medical devices. Turn off the system and other BLUETOOTH devices in the following locations, as it may cause an accident.
  • where inflammable gas is present, in a hospital, train, airplane, or a gas station

  • near automatic doors or a fire alarm

  • To be able to use the BLUETOOTH function, the BLUETOOTH device to be connected requires the same profile as the system’s.

    Note also that even if the same profile exists, devices may vary in function depending on their specifications.
  • Due to the characteristic of BLUETOOTH wireless technology, the sound played on the system is slightly delayed from the sound played on the BLUETOOTH device during talking on the telephone or listening to the music.

  • This system supports security capabilities that comply with the BLUETOOTH standard to provide a secure connection when the BLUETOOTH wireless technology is used, but security may not be enough depending on the setting. Be careful when communicating using BLUETOOTH wireless technology.

  • We do not take any responsibility for the leakage of information during BLUETOOTH communication.

  • A device featuring the BLUETOOTH function is required to conform to the BLUETOOTH standard specified by Bluetooth SIG, and be authenticated.

    Even if the connected device conforms to the above mentioned BLUETOOTH standard, some devices may not be connected or work correctly, depending on the features or specifications of the device.
  • Noise or sound skips may occur depending on the BLUETOOTH device connected with the system, the communication environment or the usage environment.