Making a call while playing back music (Multi point connection)

To call using a BLUETOOTH smartphone or mobile phone while listening to music played on another BLUETOOTH compatible music player, the system needs to be connected with each device with a BLUETOOTH connection.
  • The multi point connection function is not available with one touch connection (NFC).

  • The connection procedure differs depending on the BLUETOOTH device. A connection may not be possible depending on the combination of the devices. Refer to the operating instructions supplied with your device for information on the connection procedure.

  1. Connect the system with a BLUETOOTH compatible music player with A2DP, and with a BLUETOOTH compatible smartphone or mobile phone with HFP or HSP.

When the connections are completed, the  (BLUETOOTH) indicator (blue) lights up.
  • To only make a call on a BLUETOOTH compatible smartphone or mobile phone that has a music playback function, select HFT or HST on the phone, not A2DP.

  • With some models, if you connect with HFP or HSP, an A2DP connection is also made. In this case, you cannot connect the system with other music players.

  • To connect the system with the same 2 devices again after you finished using them, repeat the connection procedure noted above again.

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