DISP (Display Setting)

  1. Press (Display Setting) on the control wheel.

  1. Select the desired mode with the control wheel.

Displays only images.

(Detailed Info)
Displays the information.
Exif data for the recorded image and the histogram are also displayed.
Displays the information.


A histogram is a graph showing the brightness of an image. The graph display indicates a bright image when skewed to the right side (A), and a dark image when skewed to the left side (B).
  1. Press (Display Setting), then select [Detailed Info].

  • The histogram also appears when playing back a single image, but you cannot adjust the exposure.

  • The histogram does not appear when:

  • Recording/playing back movies

  • Viewing vertical orientation images

  • Rotating still images

  • Shooting/viewing in [iSweep Panorama]

  • When [Display Cont. Shooting Group] is set to [Display Main Image Only]

  • The histogram may not appear for images recorded using other cameras.