Photo Creativity

Photo Creativity is a mode that you can operate the camera intuitively using unusual screen display.
When shooting mode is set to (Intelligent Auto) or (Superior Auto), you can change the settings easily and shoot images.
  1. Set the mode dial to (Intelligent Auto) or (Superior Auto).

  1. Press (Photo Creativity) on the control wheel.

  1. Select the desired item with the control wheel.

Adjusts brightness.
Adjusts color.
Adjusts vividness.
(Picture Effect)
Shoots a still image with an original texture according to the desired effect.

  1. Change the settings.

  • You can combine some settings by repeating step 3 and 4.

  • To reset the changed settings to the default settings, press the / (In-Camera Guide) button. (Brightness), (Color) and (Vividness) are set to [AUTO], and (Picture Effect) is set to .

  1. When shooting still images: Shoot with the shutter button.
    When recording movies: Press the MOVIE button to start recording.

  • When you record movies in Photo Creativity mode, you cannot change the settings during recording.

  • If you switch the camera mode to Intelligent Auto mode or turn off the camera, the settings you changed are reverted to the default settings.

  • When you set Photo Creativity in Superior Auto mode, overlaying images are disabled.

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