Send to Smartphone

Allows you to upload and transfer images to a smartphone.
Download the smartphone support application “PlayMemories Mobile” to your smartphone from the application store.
  1. Switch to playback mode.

  1. MENU (Send to Smartphone) desired mode

  1. Operates according to the mode set.

(Select on This Device)
Select images on the camera to be transferred to the smartphone.
Select from [This Image], [All Imgs in This Cnt.Sht. Grp.], [All Images on This Date] or [Multiple Images].
If you select [Multiple Images], select images, then press MENU [OK] .
(Select on Smartphone)
Uploads all still images in the internal memory or memory card.

  • Options for image size are the size in which the image was shot, [2M] or [VGA] format.

  • To change the size of an image to be transferred to a smartphone, use “PlayMemories Mobile”.

  • Some images may not be played back on the smartphone depending on the data format.

  • You cannot transfer AVCHD movies.

  • When a memory card is inserted in the camera, [View Mode] is set to [Date View].

  • The camera shares the connection information for [Send to Smartphone] with a device that has permission to connect. If you want to change the device that is permitted to connect to the camera, reset the connection information by pressing MENU (Settings) (Network Settings) [SSID/PW Reset]. After resetting the connection information, you must set a smartphone. [Details]

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