Access point settings

You can register your access point manually.
Before starting the procedure, check the SSID name of the access point, security system, and password. The password may be preset in some devices. For details, see the instruction manual of the wireless access point, or consult the network administrator.
  1. MENU (Settings) (Network Settings) [Access point settings]

  1. Select the access point you want to register.

When the desired access point is displayed on the screen:
Select the desired access point.

When the desired access point is not displayed on the screen:
Select [Manual setting] and set the access point.
* For the input method, refer to “How to use the keyboard.”

  • If you select [Manual regist.], input the SSID name of the access point select the security system.

  1. Input the password [OK]

  • Access points that do not display do not require a password to be entered.

  1. Select [Register], then press .

How to use the keyboard

When manual character entry is required, a keyboard is displayed on the screen.
Select the desired button using ///, then press to enter the character.

Screen names
Input box
The characters you entered are displayed. If you input characters exceeding the set number of characters, is displayed on the screen.
Switch character types
Each time you press , character types are switched among alphabet letters, numerals and symbols.
Each time you press , the character that you enter will be displayed.
For example: If you want to enter “abd”
Select the key for “abc” and press once to display “a” select “” to move the cursor (5) and press select the key for “abc” and press twice to display “b” select the key for “def” and press once to display “d”
Fixes the entry.
Move cursor
Moves the cursor in the input box to the right or left.
Deletes the character preceding the cursor.
Switches the next character to a capital or small letter.
Enters a space.

  • To cancel entering characters midway, select [Cancel].

Other setting items

Depending on the status or the setting method of your access point, you may want to set more items.

Screen names
Displays the PIN code to enter into the connected device.
IP address setting
Selects [Auto] or [Manual setting].
IP address
If you are entering the IP address manually, enter the set address.
Subnet mask/Default gateway
When you set [IP address setting] to [Manual setting], enter the IP address to match your network environment.
Priority Connection
Selects [On] or [Off] for [Priority Connection].

  • To give the registered access point priority, set [Priority Connection] to [On].

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