Disconnecting the camera from the computer

Perform the procedures from step 1 to 2 below before:
  • Disconnecting the cable.

  • Removing a memory card.

  • Inserting a memory card into the camera after copying images from the internal memory.

  • Turning off the camera.

  1. Click the disconnect icon () on the tasktray.

  • With Windows 7 or Windows 8, click first, then click .

  1. Click [Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device].

  • Drag and drop the icon of the memory card or the drive icon to the “Trash” icon beforehand when you use a Mac computer, and the camera is disconnected from the computer.

  • The disconnect icon may not appear when you use a Windows 7 computer. In this case, you can disconnect the camera from the computer without following the above steps.