Viewing images

Cannot play back images.
  • Make sure that the memory card is fully inserted into the camera.

  • The folder/file name has been changed on your computer.

  • No guarantees are made for playing back, on this camera, files containing images which were processed on a computer or images which were shot using other cameras.

  • The camera is in USB mode. Delete the USB connection. [Details]

  • Use “PlayMemories Home” to play images stored on a PC with this camera. Use the application bundled with the Mac to play back the images.

  • 3D images consist of a JPEG file and an MPO file. If either file is deleted on the PC, the camera may not operate correctly.

The date and time are not displayed.
  • The screen display is set to display images only. Press (Display Setting) to display information. [Details]

Cannot hear music during slideshow.
  • Slideshow is played back with [Continuous Playback]. Select [Slideshow with music] and play back.

  • Transfer music files to the camera with “Music Transfer”. [Details]

The image does not appear on the TV.
  • For viewing movies, the camera and television must use the same color television system. [Details]

  • Check whether the connection is correct. [Details]

The 3D images do not appear on the TV even though the camera is in [3D Viewing] mode.
  • Check that the TV is set to display the 3D images.