Viewing movies

  1. Switch to playback mode.

  1. Select a movie.

  1. Press .

Movie playback starts.

On the movie viewing screen

Select the image you want to display using /, and press .
The Playback bar appears, you can check a playback position of a movie.
The icon displayed may vary depending on image size and quality.

Action during playback
Fast forward
Fast rewind
Displays the control panel

To display only movies on the index screen
You can view only movie thumbnails on the index screen by pressing MENU (View Mode) (Folder view (MP4)) or (AVCHD view).
(Folder view (MP4)): Displays MP4-format movie thumbnails on the index screen.
(AVCHD view): Displays AVCHD-format movie thumbnails on the index screen.
  • When a movie file is played back to the end, the camera automatically starts playing back the next movie file.

  • You may not be able to play back some images shot using other cameras.

Displaying the control panel

Display the control panel, you can control slow movie playback and adjust the volume.
  1. Press .

The control panel appears.
  1. Select a desired button with /, and press .

Control panel
Fast forward
Fast rewind
Slow playback
Slow rewind playback
Chapter advance
Chapter rewind
Frame advance
Frame rewind
Photo Capture
Volume settings
Closes the control panel

  • The buttons on the control panel will vary depending on the playback status.

Capture a still image from a movie

  1. Press during the scene you want to capture.

  1. Select using /, then press .

  • When the still image has been recorded, the camera will pause.

  • When the movie format is [MP4 3M], a still image is saved in [VGA]. Otherwise, the still image is saved in [16:9(2M)].

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