Manual Focus Check

In manual focus, if you press the FOCUS button, the display will be magnified about 8 times and you can confirm the focus.
  1. Set the Zoom/Focus switch to MF.

  1. Press the FOCUS button to enlarge the image.

  1. Confirm and adjust the focus.

  1. Press the shutter button fully down to shoot the image.

The manual focus check will be released when the shutter is pressed halfway.
  • The shutter speed and exposure values cannot be changed when the manual focus check is engaged. Just before shooting, the light is metered again and the exposure is set.

  • The image is displayed with the proper brightness regardless of the determined exposure. The exposure compensation is not reflected in the displayed image, however, it is reflected in the recorded image.

  • While the display is magnified, you can shoot photos if you press the shutter button, but the camera will record the entire displayed image.

  • You cannot use the Face Detection and Smile Shutter functions.