Easy Mode

Allows you to shoot still images using the minimum necessary functions.
The text size increases and indicators become easier to see.
  1. Set the mode dial to (Intelligent Auto).

  1. MENU (Easy Mode)

  1. [OK]

  1. Shoot with the shutter button.

To end Easy Mode, MENU [Exit Easy Mode]
On Easy Mode (Viewing)
When you press the (Playback) button in Easy Mode, the playback screen text becomes larger and easier to see.

Delete currently displayed image:
/ (Delete) button [OK] on the control button
Select between [1 image] and [All]:
MENU [Delete] on the control button desired mode
You can delete currently displayed image with [1 image] and delete all images in the selected date range or internal memory (if selected) with [All].
  • [View Mode] is set to [Date View] when using a memory card.

  • The battery power may decrease faster because the screen brightness increases automatically.

On Scene Recognition

Scene Recognition operates in Easy Mode. This function lets the camera automatically recognize the shooting conditions and shoot the image.

Shooting functions available in Easy Mode (Shooting)

MOVIE (Movie) button
Allows you to record movies with their audio.
Still Image Size
Select between [Large] or [Small] size.
Select between [On] or [Off] mode.
Select between [Auto] or [Off] mode.

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