Smile Shutter

When the camera detects a smile, the shutter is released automatically.
  1. MENU (Smile Shutter) [On]

  1. Wait for a smile to be detected.

When a smile is detected and the smile level exceeds the point on the indicator, the camera records images automatically.

Uses/Does not use the [Smile Shutter] function.

Tips for better capturing of smiles
  1. Do not cover the eyes with the bangs. Do not obscure the face by hat, masks, sunglasses, etc.

  1. Try to orient the face in front of the camera and be as level as possible. Keep the eyes narrowed.

  1. Give a clear smile with an open mouth. The smile is easier to detect when the teeth are shown.

  • The shutter operates when any person whose face is being detected smiles.

  • You can select or register the priority subject for face detection with [Face Detection]. When the selected face is registered in the camera memory, Smile Detection is performed only for that face. [Details]

  • If a smile is not detected, select MENU [Smile Detection Sensitivity], then set the value to [Slight Smile].

  • Shooting using the Smile Shutter ends automatically when either the memory card or internal memory becomes full.

  • Smiles may not be detected correctly depending on the conditions.

  • The Smile Shutter function does not operate when you use zoom functions other than the optical zoom.

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