Clear Image Zoom

[Clear Image Zoom] allows you to enlarge the image with close to the original image quality when shooting still images.
The camera zooms images with the original image quality first depending on the selected still image size.
When [Clear Image Zoom] is set to [On], the camera automatically switches over to [Clear Image Zoom] when the zoom range without deterioration of the original image quality is exceeded.
  1. Set the camera to shooting mode.

  1. MENU (Settings) (Shooting Settings) [Clear Image Zoom] desired mode

Zooms the images with close to the original image quality, depending on the image size. Switches to [Clear Image Zoom] within the range where is displayed.

Does not use [Clear Image Zoom].

  • To zoom the images within the range where original image quality can be retained, set both [Clear Image Zoom] and [Digital Zoom] to [Off]. [Details]

  • [Clear Image Zoom] function does not operate in the following situations:

  • In movie mode

  • In [iSweep Panorama]

  • In [Picture Effect]

  • In [Background Defocus]

  • When the Smile Shutter function is activated.

  • When [Cont. Shooting Settings] is set to [Continuous Shooting].

  • In [Photo Creativity].

  • When [Self-Timer] is set to [Self-portrait One Person], [Self-portrait Two People] or [Self-Timer: Continuous Shooting].

  • When (Backlight Correction HDR) or (Advanced Sports Shooting) mode is selected in Scene Selection.

  • The Face Detection function does not operate in the range of [Clear Image Zoom].

Total zoom scale when [Clear Image Zoom] is selected (including 50× optical zoom)

The supported zoom scales are different depending on the image size.

Image size
Total zoom scale
Approx. 100×
Approx. 142×
Approx. 200×
Approx. 810×
Approx. 100×
Approx. 270×