Custom Button

Set the often-used function to the CUSTOM (Custom) button.
  1. Set the camera to shooting mode.

  1. MENU (Settings) (Shooting Settings) [Custom Button] desired mode

AE lock/AE lock released

White Balance
Sets the White Balance.

Metering Mode
Sets the Metering Mode.

Smile Shutter
Sets the Smile Shutter.

  • [Custom Button] is not available in Easy Mode.

Using the AE lock
When using the AE lock, the light meter values used to set the exposure are fixed. This function is convenient if you want to shoot several images without changing the exposure or select an exposure that is not compatible with the focus position.
Each time you press the CUSTOM button, the AE lock changes as follow:
AE lock AE lock released AE lock
However if you perform other operations such as pressing and turning the jog dial, the AE lock may be released.
  • The AE lock can only be used with the CUSTOM button.