Installing “PlayMemories Home” (Windows)

  1. Using the Internet browser on your computer, go to the following URL, then click [Install] [Run].

  1. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the installation.

  • When the message to connect the camera to a computer is displayed, connect using the micro USB cable (supplied) (A).

A: To a USB jack of the PC
B: To the Multi/Micro USB Terminal
  • For details on “PlayMemories Home”, see (PlayMemories Home Help Guide) or the following PlayMemories Home support page (English only):

  • Log on as Administrator.

  • It may be necessary to restart your computer. When the restart confirmation message appears, restart the computer following the instructions on the screen.

  • DirectX may be installed depending on your computer’s system environment.

  • Mac does not support “PlayMemories Home.” Use the application bundled with the Mac to play back images.

  • If “PlayMemories Home” has already been installed on your computer, connect the camera with the computer and register your camera with “PlayMemories Home.” The available functions activate.

  • If the software “PMB (Picture Motion Browser)” has already been installed on your computer, “PlayMemories Home” will overwrite it and will be installed. Although some “PlayMemories Home” functions differ from those of “PMB,” use “PlayMemories Home.”

Starting “PlayMemories Home” (Windows)

  1. Double-click (PlayMemories Home) on the desktop.

  • To start “PlayMemories Home” from the Start menu, select [Start] [All Programs] (PlayMemories Home).

  • For Windows 8, select the [PlayMemories Home] icon on the Start screen.

Accessing to “PlayMemories Home Help Guide” (Windows)

  1. Double-click (PlayMemories Home Help Guide) on the desktop.

  • To start “PlayMemories Home Help Guide” from the Start menu, select [Start] [All Programs] [PlayMemories Home] [PlayMemories Home Help Guide].

  • Windows 8: select the [PlayMemories Home Help Guide] from [Help] in [PlayMemories Home].