Your computer does not recognize the camera.
  • Set [USB Connect Setting] to [Mass Storage]. [Details]

  • Use the micro USB cable (supplied).

  • Disconnect the USB cable from both the computer and the camera, and connect it again firmly.

  • Disconnect all equipment other than the camera, the keyboard and the mouse from the USB connectors of your computer.

  • Connect the camera directly to your computer without passing through a USB hub or other device.

  • Set [USB Power Supply] to [Off]. Your computer may recognize the camera.

Cannot import images.
  • Connect the camera and your computer correctly making a USB connection. [Details]

  • When you shoot images with a memory card formatted by a computer, you may not be able to import the images to a computer. Shoot using a memory card formatted by the camera. [Details]

After making a USB connection, “PlayMemories Home” does not start automatically.
  • Make the USB connection after the computer is turned on.

Cannot play back images on your computer.
  • If you are using “PlayMemories Home”, refer to “PlayMemories Home Help Guide”. [Details]

  • Consult the computer or software manufacturer.

The image and sound are interrupted by noise when you view a movie on a computer.
  • You are playing back the movie directly from the memory card. Import the movie to your computer using “PlayMemories Home” and play it back. [Details]

Images once exported to a computer cannot be viewed on the camera.
  • Use “PlayMemories Home” to play images stored on a PC with this camera. Use the application bundled with the Mac to play back the images.

  • Register the image in the Image Database File and play in [Date View]. [Details]