Zoom (Still images)

Enlarge images with the W/T (zoom) lever when shooting. The camera’s optical zoom function can enlarge images up to 3.6×.
Optical zoom allows you to enlarge an image without deteriorating its original quality.
  1. Set the camera to shooting mode.

  1. Turn the W/T (zoom) lever.

  • Turn the lever to the T side to zoom in, or to the W side to zoom out.

  • When zoom is assigned to the Control Ring, you can zoom in and zoom out also using the Control Ring. [Details]

  • Zoom is locked to the W side in [Sweep Panorama] mode.

Available zoom

The camera achieves a high magnification zoom scale by combining zoom methods. The icon and zoom bar on the screen change in accordance with the zoom you use.
  1. Optical zoom range

The camera’s optical zoom function can enlarge images up to 3.6×.
  1. Zoom range other than optical zoom

Zoom with the original image quality
When [Image Size] is set to other than [L], you can shoot still images with no deterioration in the original image quality, even if the optical zoom scale exceeds 3.6× magnification, by trimming image processing.
() [Clear Image Zoom]
Zoom with close to the original image quality [Details]
() [Digital Zoom]
Less than the original image quality [Details]

Zoom bar
Using optical zoom only
[Image Size]: [L]
[Clear Image Zoom]: [Off]
[Digital Zoom]: [Off]
Zooming images without deterioration
[Image Size]: Other than [L]
[Clear Image Zoom]: [Off]
[Digital Zoom]: [Off]
Shooting clear images using [Clear Image Zoom] (close to the original image quality)
[Clear Image Zoom]: [On]
[Digital Zoom]: [Off]
Zooming to the maximum zoom range
[Clear Image Zoom]: [On]
[Digital Zoom]: [On]
  • [Clear Image Zoom] may not be available for some settings. [Details]

Zoom scale

The supported zoom scales are different depending on the settings or the image size. The table below summarizes the zoom scales when [Clear Image Zoom] and [Digital Zoom] are set to [On], and [Aspect Ratio] is set to [3:2].

Image Size
Optical zoom
Zoom with [Clear Image Zoom] [On]
Zoom with maximum zoom scale*
L: 20M
M: 10M
S: 5.0M

* The maximum zoom scale is the magnification when [Clear Image Zoom] is set to [On] and [Digital Zoom] is set to [On]. The maximum zoom scale varies depending on the settings. [Details]
  • The default setting for [Clear Image Zoom] is [Off]. [Details]

  • The default setting for [Digital Zoom] is [Off]. Set [Digital Zoom] to [On] to enlarge images even with deterioration. [Details]

  • The default setting for [Image Size] is [L]. To change the zoom scale, change [Image Size]. [Details]

  • When [Image Size] is set to [VGA], [Digital Zoom] is limited; the maximum zoom scale is 54×.

  • Zoom functions other than the optical zoom are not available when shooting in the following situations:

  • When the Smile Shutter function is activated

  • When [Drive Mode] is set to [Self-portrait]

  • When [Quality] is set to [RAW] or [RAW & JPEG]

  • The Face Detection function does not operate when you use other than the optical zoom.