Intelligent Auto

Allows you to shoot still images with the settings adjusted automatically.
  1. Set the mode dial to (Intelligent Auto).

  1. Shoot with the shutter button.

Scene Recognition

Scene Recognition operates in [Intelligent Auto] mode. This function lets the camera automatically recognize the shooting conditions and shoot the image.
In Scene Recognition, the position of an icon displayed on the screen differs depending on whether the camera recognizes a scene or condition. If the camera recognizes a scene, icons and guides such as (Portrait), (Baby), (Night Portrait), (Night Scene), (Backlight Portrait), (Backlight), (Landscape), (Macro), (Spotlight) or (Low Brightness) are displayed on the first line. If the camera recognizes a condition, icons such as (Tripod), (Move) or (Walk) are displayed on the second line. The camera may recognize both a scene and condition, or just one.
  • Scene Recognition function does not operate when you use zoom functions other than the optical zoom.

  • These scenes may not be recognized depending on the situation.

  • If the environment causes vibrations to be transferred to the camera even when the camera is fixed to a tripod, (Tripod) condition may not be recognized.

  • Sometimes a slow shutter results when (Tripod) and (Night Scene) condition are recognized at the same time. Keep the camera still during shooting.

Features of Auto shooting modes

In [Superior Auto] mode, the camera shoots a higher-quality image than in [Intelligent Auto] mode. The camera also shoots multiple images based on the recognized scene, then creates a composite of the multiple images (Overlay shooting).
[Program Auto] mode allows you to change various shooting settings, such as the white balance or ISO settings.

REC Mode
When to use
(Intelligent Auto)
  • Use when you want the camera to automatically recognize the shooting conditions and shoot some images continuously.

(Superior Auto)
  • Use when you shoot images under difficult conditions, such as low light or backlit scenes.

  • Use when you want to shoot a higher-quality image than in (Intelligent Auto) mode.

(Program Auto)
  • Use when you want to shoot using customized shooting settings, except the exposure (both the shutter speed and the aperture value) which are adjusted automatically.

  • In [Intelligent Auto] mode, you may be unable to shoot low light or backlit scenes clearly.

  • In [Superior Auto] mode, it takes some time to record an image, because the camera overlays the images.

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