Aperture Priority

Allows you to adjust the focus range or degree of background defocus.
  1. Set the mode dial to (Aperture Priority).

  1. Turn the control wheel to select the aperture (F value).

  • When [Aperture Priority] is assigned to the Control Ring, you can set it also using the Control Ring. [Details]

  • You can select an aperture (F value) from F1.8 to F11. (When you turn the W/T (zoom) lever to the T side, the minimum aperture (F value) will increase.)

  • The shutter speed is automatically adjusted from 1/2000 seconds to 8 seconds.

  1. Shoot with the shutter button.

About aperture
The lower the aperture (F value), the wider the hole that lets light pass through. The depth of focus decreases, and everything except objects within a narrow range of distance will be out of focus. This is good for portraits, etc.
The higher the aperture (F value), the smaller the hole that lets light pass through. Both objects relatively close and far away from the lens will appear sharp. This is good for landscapes, etc.
  • If the proper exposure is not obtained after making the settings, the setting value indicators on the screen flash. You can shoot in this condition, but we recommend that you adjust the flashing values again.

  • The brightness of the image displayed on the screen may differ from the actual recorded image.

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