Shutter Priority

You can shoot still images after adjusting the shutter speed manually.
  1. Set the mode dial to (Shutter Priority).

  1. Turn the control wheel to select the shutter speed value.

  • When [Shutter Priority] is assigned to the Control Ring, you can set it also using the Control Ring. [Details]

  • You can select a shutter speed from 1/2000 seconds to 30 seconds.

  1. Shoot with the shutter button.

About shutter speed
When you set the shutter speed faster, moving objects such as running people, cars or splashing water, etc., appear stopped.
When you set the shutter speed slower, the traces of moving objects such as a river current etc., appear. You can shoot more natural live action images.
  • When the shutter speed is fast, the amount of flash light may be insufficient even if you fire the flash.

  • If the proper exposure is not obtained after making the settings, the setting value indicators on the screen flash. You can shoot in this condition, but we recommend that you adjust the flashing values again.

  • Shutter speed of 0.4 seconds or longer is indicated by [˝], for example, 0.4˝.

  • When you set the shutter speed slower, using a tripod is recommended to prevent the effects of vibration.

  • If you select slow shutter speeds, it takes time to process the data.

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