Scene Selection

Allows you to shoot with preset settings according to the scene.
  1. Set the mode dial to (Scene Selection).

  1. Select the desired mode on the control wheel.

  • When [Mode Dial Guide] is set to [Off], the mode selection screen does not appear.

  • Use the Control Ring to select another [Scene Selection] mode. When another function is assigned to the Control Ring, press the MENU button 5 [Scene Selection].

Allows you to blur backgrounds and sharpen the subject. Expresses skin tones softly.
(Anti Motion Blur)
Allows you to shoot indoor shots without using the flash to reduce subject blur.
(Sports Action)
Allows you to shoot a moving subject at a fast shutter speed so that the subject looks as if it is standing still. The camera shoots images continuously while the shutter button is pressed.
Allows you to shoot images of your pet with the best settings.
Allows you to shoot food arrangements in delicious and bright colors.
Allows you to shoot a flower or other small item from close up.
Allows you to shoot the entire range of scenery in sharp focus with vivid colors.
Allows you to shoot the reds of the sunset or sunrise beautifully.
(Night Scene)
Allows you to shoot night scenes without losing the dark atmosphere.
(Hand-held Twilight)
Allows you to shoot night scenes with less noise without using a tripod. A burst of shots are taken, and image processing is applied to reduce subject blur, camera shake, and noise.
(Night Portrait)
Allows you to shoot sharp images of people with a night view in the background.
Allows you to record fireworks in all their splendor.
(High Sensitivity)
Allows you to shoot images without a flash under low light conditions, reducing blur.

  • When you shoot images using (Night Scene), (Night Portrait) or (Fireworks) modes, the shutter speed is slower and the images tend to blur. To prevent blurring, the use of a tripod is recommended.

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