Drive Mode

You can set a drive mode, such as continuous, self-timer, or bracket shooting. You can select the [Drive Mode] also from MENU.
  1. Press / (Drive Mode) on the control wheel.

  • When another function is assigned to the control wheel, press the MENU button 2 [Drive Mode].

  1. Select the desired mode with the control wheel.

  • Select detailed settings using / if the selected mode has such options.

(Single Shooting)
The camera shoots a single image without using the self-timer.

(Cont. Shooting)
The camera shoots continuous images while the shutter button is pressed.

(Spd Priority Cont.)
Shoots images continuously at high speed while you press and hold down the shutter button. Focus and brightness settings of the first shot are used for the following shots.

Sets the self-timer to a 10-second or 2-second delay.
When you press the shutter button, the self-timer lamp flashes and a beep sounds until the shutter operates.
To cancel, press / again.

Sets the self-timer to Self-portrait timer.
When the camera detects the specified number of faces, a beep sounds, and the shutter operates 2 seconds later.

The camera shoots continuous frames 10 seconds after you press the shutter button. Select the number of frames from three or five.

(Bracket: Cont.)
Shoots three images, each with different degrees of brightness. You can set the value of bracket deviation (steps).

(WB bracket)
Shoots three images, each with different degrees of brightness according to the selected settings of white balance, color temperature and color filter. You can select the value of bracket deviation (steps) from [Lo] or [Hi].

Tips for preventing blur
If your hands or body move while holding the camera and pressing the shutter button, “Camera shake” occurs.
Camera shake occurs frequently under low-light or slow shutter speed conditions, such as those encountered in (Night Portrait) or (Night Scene) mode.
To reduce camera shake, set the self-timer to a 2-second delay and brace your arms against your sides after pressing the shutter button.
  • When [Drive Mode] is set to [Self-timer(Cont)] or [Bracket: Cont.], [Flash Mode] is set to [Flash Off].

  • When the battery level is low, or a memory card is full, the burst stops.

Automatic shooting with Self-portrait timer

Point the lens at yourself so that the selected number of faces is reflected in the screen. The shutter operates automatically. Do not move your camera after the beep sounds.
  • You can also shoot an image by pressing the shutter button during this operation.

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