Selects the image quality for still images.
  1. MENU 1 [Quality] desired mode

File format: RAW (Records using the RAW compression format.)
Digital processing is not performed on this file format. Select this format to process images on a computer for professional purposes.
  • The image size is fixed to the maximum size. The image size is not displayed on the screen.

File format: RAW (Records using the RAW compression format.) + JPEG
A RAW image and a JPEG image are created at the same time.
This is suitable when you need two image files, a JPEG for viewing, and a RAW for editing.
  • The JPEG image quality is fixed to [Fine].

File format: JPEG
The image is compressed in the JPEG format when recorded.
Since the compression rate for [Standard] is higher than that for [Fine], the file size of [Standard] is smaller than that of [Fine].
This allows more files to be recorded on one memory card, but the image quality will be lower.


RAW images
You need the “Image Data Converter” software in order to open a RAW image recorded on this camera. With this software, a RAW image can be opened and converted to a common format, such as JPEG or TIFF, and its white balance, color saturation, contrast, etc., can be readjusted.
  • You cannot add DPOF (print order) registration to RAW format images.

  • You cannot use the following functions when [Quality] is set to [RAW] or [RAW & JPEG].

  • Zoom functions other than optical zoom

  • [Auto HDR]

  • [Picture Effect]

  • [Auto Object Framing]

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