Focus Mode

Selects the focus method to suit the movement of the subject.
AF stands for “Auto Focus,” a function that adjusts the focus automatically.
  1. MENU 2 [Focus Mode] desired mode

(Single-shot AF)
The camera locks the focus when the focus adjustment is achieved. Use [Single-shot AF] when the subject is motionless.

(Continuous AF)
The camera continues to focus while the shutter button is pressed and held halfway down. Use this when the subject is in motion.

Allows you to use manual focus and auto focus in combination.

(Manual Focus)
Adjusts the focus manually.

Using [DMF]/[Manual Focus]

  1. MENU 2 [Focus Mode] [DMF] or [Manual Focus]

  1. Adjust the focus by turning the Control Ring.

  • Use the peaking function, [Focus Magnifier] or [MF Assist] to adjust focus more easily.

  • When [Focus Mode] is set to [DMF], auto focus activates when you press the shutter button halfway down.

Focusing using the [DMF] setting
Using [DMF] allows you to use a combination of manual and automatic focus adjustment as follows.
  • After focusing automatically, make fine focus adjustments manually.

Effective when you want to focus narrowly. Hold down the shutter button halfway, then turn the Control Ring.
  • Adjust the focus manually in advance, then use automatic focus.

Effective for focusing on subjects that are toward the back of a scene because those subjects tend to be out of focus when using the automatic focus adjustment.
  • If the focus distance is set very close, the image may show dust or fingerprints on the lens. Wipe the lens with a soft cloth, etc.

  • Once you change the focus method, the distance of the focus you set up is cleared.

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